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VMACI has introduced CERTIFICATES OF ACHIEVEMENT based on age graded percentages in order to recognise excellence in performance and also to encourage and provide further incentive for improvement in performance. The certificates are to be awarded at four different levels of performance: ELITE, ADVANCED, CREDITABLE and ENCOURAGEMENT.


1. Awards are to be given for any vets organised competition including International, National, and State Championships, Venue and Inter-Venue events and other competitions such as Masters Games and Inter-Club events.
2. For a particular five year age group an athlete is eligible for only one award at each level/event except that an athlete is not eligible for an award at a lower level than already received.
3. Recipients of awards must be financial members of VMACI.


1. Certificates will be, for the most part, administered and awarded at the venues.
2. Tables of performance levels indicate the times/ distances/ heights corresponding to the four levels for each event and for each five year age group. Each venue will have copies of the tables of performance levels.
3. The onus is on the athlete to claim a certificate. An application must be submitted to either the venue manager or to the certificate registrar, Ted McCoy. The application must have a signature of verification from an official/ venue manager/ team captain (inter-club), or evidence of the performanmust be provided eg. venue results sheets, Around The Grounds, News And Results, official results booklets etc.
4. Certificates are to be retrospective as from and including the 1997 VMACI (formerly VVACI) Track and Field Championships, March 15/16, 1997.
5. Venue managers are asked to periodically send (say every six months) their certificate application forms to the certificate registrar so that a comprehensive record of awards can be kept and so that lists of award recipients can be published.
6. A regular review of performance levels will be conducted.

Certificate Registrar
Ted McCoy
24 Blackwood Avenue
Mentone VIC 3194
9583 3280